Area Information

The information contained in the following link library is intended to keep the Al-Anon members involved in service informed of NC / Bermuda AFG information.
Panel 56 Area World Service Committee Officers
Area Chairperson - Les G.
Area Delegate - Valentina H.
Area Alternate Delegate - Deborah H.
Area Secretary - Pat M.
Area Treasurer - David E.
Area World Service Committee Position Descriptions
- District Representative - Area Chair
- World Service Delegate - Area Secretary
- Area Alternate Delegate - Area Treasurer
Area World Service Committee Coordinator Position Descriptions
- Alateen Coordinator - Public Outreach Coordinator
- Archivist - Spanish Liaison
- Convention Chairperson - Area Alateen Process Person
- Literature Coordinator - Website Coordinator
- Group Records Coordinator
Area World Service Committee Information
- Area Bylaws
- Area 42 Articles of Incorporation
- Travel Policy
Area Guidelines
- Area Website - Area Assembly
- Area Convention - Re-Districting
- Transition Meeting
Assembly Information
A history of Assembly and AWSC motions can be found on the Secure Site.
- Concerning the Convention Survey
- 2010 Convention Survey Results
Alateen Information
- AMIAS Form and Alateen Requirements
- Registration/Group Records Change (GR1 Al-Anon 11/2014)
- Expense Report