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Sharing about CAL

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Dear Trusted Servants who love CAL (all of you, I hope!), Each month, the “CAL Corner” department in The Forum features members’ sharings on how a particular piece of Conference Approved Literature has enhanced their recovery. We would like to focus on the following pieces in upcoming issues, but really need sharings about them no later than September 12 in order to do so: Intimacy in Alcoholic Relationships (B-33) From Survival to Recovery (B-21) Lois Remembers (B-7) Blueprint for Progress (P-5 or P-91) Please help by sharing 200-400 words each about how any of these individual pieces helped you, or by asking members in your Area to do so. Please see the writing...

Newcomers Welcome

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“Greetings from your World Service Office!   It was previously announced that in March 2020 the World Service Office developed a URL shared with electronic meetings to provide newcomers with core information about Al-Anon. This link allowed the member to sign up to receive a one-time email with newcomer information.  Members were encouraged to share this in their meetings and include it in their meeting formats when welcoming new members. As a direct result of the pandemic with many Al-Anon groups migrating to online platforms, it was clear that this information was needed for any Al-Anon group welcoming new members and the link was shared with our World...