District Map & Meeting Lists

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The North Carolina and Bermuda Area is divided into 9 districts, as shown below. District 2 and 3 were combined.
You can find links to printable meeting lists below:
For the most current listing please search here.

District 1 (list last updated 6-16-22)

District 3 (list last updated 9/2021)

District 4 includes Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem.
Greensboro, High Point Area (updated frequently)
Winston-Salem Area (updated frequently)

District 5 (list last updated 3/7/2020)

District 6 (updated daily)

District 7 (list last updated 4/1/2019)

District 8 (list last updated 4/1/2019)

District 9 (Please click Here)

District 10 Bermuda (list last updated 4/1/2019)